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"I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Marcia as my coach. She helped me gain clarity around my goals and set plans in place to execute on my personal vision. She helped me to clearly articulate my values and live them in both my personal and professional life. In the last months I have grown in ways I did not expect, and I would not have accomplished the wins I had without her."Colleen S.

"Marcia’s coaching was professional and put me at ease. She asked questions that helped me have a better understanding and perspective on how I wanted to move forward with something in my job that had been challenging for me. I felt very comfortable with next steps which I believe will be vital in my profession for me to be successful." – Marianne J.

“Marcia held me accountable, made me stand in my truth while fully supporting me. She helped me feel empowered to break through the limiting beliefs that were blocking my ability to move forward with confidence, and step into my greatness.” Cynthia P.

"I was overwhelmed and in shock when my husband of 30 years informed me he wanted to split up. Marcia really got me through some crucial times during this huge transition. She helped me to focus on the present and to take it step by step. I liked how she broke things down into smaller pieces, helping me focus when I didn't know which way to go or where to start.  She is always encouraging and positive, making me realize that things will work out. She also let me cry and pity myself, which I did need to do now and then!"Peggy G.

“I started work with Marcia when I had a serious crisis in my marriage. After several sessions I gained clarity and confidence about my direction. Marcia is very supportive, compassionate, caring and warm. She also has a great intuition and can really hear what you are saying. Our work together brought me new perspectives in life and helped me to understand and overcome my fears. Together we created a plan of actions that I can take to be happy again." Anna M.

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