Empowering women to navigate, embrace & create change.

Marcia P Coaching - Working Together

Life changes are planned and unplanned, expected and unexpected. Moving forward can be an up and down, back and forth process.

We all have ideas about what we want to accomplish and how we want to live our lives, but sometimes we may not know how to “get there.” We can hit roadblocks which get in our way or we can find ourselves making decisions between less than optimal choices.

We may have an ideal vision and know how to achieve it. Other times we may know our general direction, but are challenged to sort out the specifics.

At times, our lives can seem out of control and we don’t always feel empowered to move forward.

And sometimes, we are just struggling to shift our mindset.

I can help you navigate some of life’s twists and turns!

We'll work together via phone or video call.

Divorce/Long-term Relationship Breaks

Dating after Divorce

Second Marriage

Blending Families

Changing Careers

Re-entering the Workforce

Empty Nesting

Caring for Elderly Parents


Working together and embracing these Principles of Change (the 4 Ps), you can persevere with purpose to create the life you choose!